Open common standards for a
regenerative global seafood industry.

The Seafood Commons is a collaborative social venture established by global seafood stakeholders across industry sectors, regulatory agencies, and society.

Seafood Commons and the World Ocean Observatory, in collaboration with the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic, are initiating a participatory Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) intended to define "COMMONS" as a new form of international legal entity and governance. In international relations, MOUs fall under the broad category of treaties and are registered in the United Nations Treaty Collection.

Decentralized Autonomous Industry Framework

Creating a globally regenerative seafood industry through innovative collaboration, open standards, and community knowledge base.

Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management

Collaborative Commons and the IoT

Innovation and Training Programs

Environment and Human Rights

The Open Solution for the Seafood Industry and Your Business

Manage your business through a full-featured system that can be modified to fit your exact business demands and workflow requirements. Seamlessly connect to blockchain supply chain tracking, verification, and reputation management. 

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